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Advice for the Overwhelmed

I was talking with my friend, Cindy, about my recent lack of enthusiasm for writing.  I’ve had tons of ideas and I’ve even written them down.  The list just grows and the topics are timely and relevant. So what’s wrong with me? Why don’t I just sit down and write?

I feel like I’ve had an argument with my grade school friend, and I don’t quite know how to strike up a conversation again. It’s just too awkward to try to be normal and relaxed and so I don’t. Instead, I avoid. But I don’t want to avoid — I want to engage.

Cindy’s wise advice to was simple and powerful.  “Just set aside time everyday that you will do nothing but write. Don’t let anything else interfere with it,” she told me.  I don’t know why, but just hearing that from my friend was liberating. No judging or voice-tone condemning. Just a suggestion because she wanted me to have the desire to write again.  So Monday, I’m relaunching my blog.

This weekend, I’ll write on the topics I accumulated and schedule them to post at regular intervals. I’m writing out the plan and my goal is to be at least two weeks ahead.

Stephen King, that fabulous writer, said, “…sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe.” I smiled and laughed out loud in agreement.  Sometimes they do.  And it is wonderful.

Thank you Cindy, my dear friend.

Thank you Stephen King. Who knew you would encourage me like this!

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