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Day 3 Struggle and Progress

Without a struggle, there can be no progress.

Frederick Douglass, (1818-1895) from brainy quote

Frederick Douglass knew what he was talking about.

Struggles come wrapped up in a variety of packages. Their appearance may not look like a struggle to others but that doesn’t change the reality. My struggle is not earth-shattering or country-shaping. It’s just a little struggle in the big scheme of things.

Today part of my struggle is just writing a blog post. Just write the thing. Write for myself, not the somewhat removed, sort of invisible others out in cyberspace.

However, it is a tough go when my inward look sees only a neutral gray nothing. No passion. No response to my internal or external environment. It just is what it is. Such an empty, meaningless statement.

Dealing With Blah. Three Choices.

  1. Pray. Just tell God everything. Open your whole heart to Him. Then listen with more than your ears. He sometimes speaks through small things. Be aware and awake.
  1. Go outside and walk, even in the rain or snow. Just walk. Breathe deep. Do not count your steps, but count your blessings. Start with the most obvious – like being thankful for breath. We don’t even think about breathing until we can’t breathe – then it is the only thing we think about because air is absolutely necessary. My husband had bi-lateral pneumonia and it was not improving. The doctors decided to wash his lungs. Wash his LUNGS. They put I don’t know what kind of liquid into his lungs (I suspect saline), suctioned out as much as they could, and then it was up to him to cough up the rest. Air was all I could think about or pray for. Please, God, let him breath and cough up that mess. Counting blessings through the struggle to breathe. Thankful he had to strength to cough. Thankful that the doctors were right there to intervene when they needed to. Thankful they had the wisdom to do a difficult thing when it was the best thing to do. It was a tough time. He survived and is well. I am grateful.
  1. Intentionally be kind to others, not looking for a thank you or any sort of recognition. Just extend kindness to someone who cannot possibly pay you back. It has a much larger impact than you might imagine. Say something kind. Do something kind. And go on your way. Let genuine kindness take root and grow in you. And don’t keep score. How many times you are kind doesn’t really matter. Just BE kind. Especially when it’s hard. I’ve read the bumper sticker attributed to Plato: “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. That resonates as truth to me.

So as I struggle through this, what growth do I hope to realize? It has to be more than just getting it done. More than a task to check off my TODO list. Normally the list doesn’t have enough power to drive me. It only reminds me.

Maybe my lesson is to just push through. It may be helpful to acknowledge the blahs and develop the endurance to push on and take the next step. Is this a stellar blog post? Highly unlikely. That’s ok.

So today I’m praying. I’m genuinely grateful for things I count as blessings (beginning with air to breathe). And I will determine that kindness begins right here at home.

Blessings on you as well.

Keep reading. Keep writing.

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