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Hanging By A Thread


My watch is important to me. For reasons I don’t understand, I’ve been concerned with time and knowing what time it is since I was a child.  So when I noticed the condition of my band, I was alarmed. It was hanging together by a thread. If something wasn’t done about this, I would soon look down at my wrist and discover the watch was gone. Lost to me for lack of action.

This can certainly be viewed as an object lesson.  There are things that need immediate attention. I need a new watch band and while I’m working on the watch I may as well replace the battery. This watch band speaks a tale of warning to my heart to pay attention.

Expanding Object Lessons

It is obviously time for some self-evaluation. If my watch band is worn out, what about the rest of me? Where am I experiencing frustration and pressure and avoidance? Where have I been stretched so thin that I’m hanging on by a thread? These are good places to begin. I definitely need a deliberate plan to

1. not lose my watch and

2. address those things that are wearing me out.

The Plan

These things will be resolved only as I focus on Christ and lean into Him.

Frustration and pressure are part of daily life. Just about the time I think I’ve got a handle on responding in a way that gives glory to my Lord, I turn around and fall right on my face. The result is more than embarrassment. It’s despair and self-loathing. Why do I experience the same struggles over and over without permanent victory over them? I am searching God’s word and the question I have to ask is, Am I really following Jesus? Do I have an unspoken allegiance to a personally developed ‘Code of Conduct’ that is nothing less than trying to earn God’s approval based on my good behavior?

When I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread I need to stop and look upward and inward.


It should be no burden to look upward to the One who loves me. He does not accuse or shame me. He calls me back to Him. In love, He has redeemed and He calls me by name.  As I read His word my attitude and heart should be searching for what it means to actually follow Him. Into my Gethsemane to die to my own will.  Follow Him and cast aside that sin that so easily trips me up. Follow Him and serve others.  Put on His armor (Eph.6) and stand in faith. No matter what.  Having done all, to stand firm.


The look inward reveals things I must confess. Frustrations because things aren’t going the way I think they should. Underneath, is an assumption that I am always right. (I am not.) My fallen self pitching a fit about not getting my way or not getting the answer to prayer that I just know I should get.  I acknowledge that pitching a fit as a believer is nothing short of rebellion. Have mercy on me, O My Lord.  Cover me in Your love and grace. I’m so grateful for the Cross. His redemption of us makes us Flawless.

Listening and weeping:


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