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He Calls Me Redeemed

I’ve listened to one song many times today. It is supremely encouraging and uplifting. I love everything about it. The song is ‘Greater’ by MercyMe. I have found the lyrics online and put them in my iPod so that when the song plays, I can see the lyrics. My heart and hands lift up in praise at this song. I can’t even get through this song without my eyes filling/spilling.

Who doesn’t need to remember that He calls us REDEEMED? And we should be absolutely aware of what our redemption cost our Lord Jesus. He was beaten beyond recognition and crucified. Died, was buried and rose the 3rd day. He who secured our redemption at such a great cost offers it to us FOR FREE.

When I confessed my sin, Jesus forgave me. I asked Jesus to live in me for the rest of my life.

You’ve got to see/hear this song, Greater

I pray you are named among the Redeemed, too.

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