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I’ve Been Set Free But The Problem Continues

Let’s face it. When we ask for deliverance from or freedom from a specific thing, what we mean is that we want it very soon…like right now. For some, that is exactly what they get. Immediate, permanent deliverance. I’m so glad they do get that. We’ve all heard about those who came to the Lord and – BOOM – they were healed or delivered from an addiction. To which I add my Praises to God! Yes!

But that is not the case with others. Their request for deliverance is a yes, but you will need to continually pray about it and act on it in faith. I don’t know why, but that seems to be the way of it. Beth Moore talks about being delivered in one of three ways:
• An immediate and complete miraculous deliverance or healing. (We would all like those.)
• A deliverance that means that Jesus joins us as we walk through it day-by-day, moment-by-moment.
• Or the ultimate deliverance accomplished when we go Home to be with Him.

The object lesson I experienced recently made a huge impact on my thinking and understanding.

I haven’t used the deep, jetted bathtub for a long time and I decided that I want to do that again. But first, I should clean the jets and any icky pipes or tubes that have been growing who-knows-what in the lines and jets. So, per Internet directions, I filled the tub to 2-3 inches above the jets with hot water, added ½ c. of bleach and about a tablespoon of dishwasher powder (NOT dishwashing liquid detergent). Then turn on the jets for 10 minutes. Drain and rinse the tub and you’re ready for a nice clean bacteria free bath. Sounds easy enough. How hard can it be?

I turned on the jets and left the room to put some things away and start a load of laundry. When I came back into the bathroom, the bubbles, suds, whatever – were up at the top of the tub! What? How did this happen? I still had 4.5 minutes left to clean those jets. I scooped out some bleachy suds and put it in the sink. Then I started pouring water from a pitcher over the mound of suds. I needed a spray bottle but didn’t have one. Finally the timer went off and I turned off the suds machine. As I reached down through the bleachy suds to remove the plug the suds crawled up my arm and touched my hair. Oh no, I had better not end up with a swatch of bleached hair! The tub began to drain. The substance that created the bubbles decreased and disappeared down the drain, but the suds did not. So, water – cool, sparkling clean water from the pitcher, slowly poured over the suds began to break their surface tension and the mound began to decrease. There was nothing to the suds except the surface tension that gave it the appearance of mass. Anyone who looked would have seen a lot of suds. With the dynamics that created them gone, they stopped increasing. But the bubbles just sat there. Mocking me. Oh, I get it now.

I kept filling the pitcher and slowly pouring the water over the bubbles. Many pitchers. The glint of the crystal clear water running into the pitcher and the look of it as I poured it slowly over the suds, splitting the suds into smaller sections, breaking the surface tension of those it touched spoke to me about the reality of my own deliverance.

I am truly delivered. The foundational dynamic that resulted in my own pain and grief is gone. Permanently. But what I saw outwardly did not immediately change. That will only change as I assert my deliverance and allow my own choice-mechanism to be transformed by Him. My Father is so gracious to me. He is allowing me the privilege of learning patience and endurance. The reality is: I’m Free of that thing that tormented me. I’m Free. The external circumstances attest to my need of additional instruction, to break the surface tension of sin and see the reality of God’s gift of true deliverance. God does not waste a single thing. For we know that God causes ALL THINGS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD. Amen.

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