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More Music to Really Hear: I Lived

This song, I Lived by OneRepublic is not one I would have chosen on my own. My granddaughter, Jasmine, was visiting and it was  wonderful. At one point I was lying down and she came looking for me.  She plunked herself down and we had a bonding conversation. We talked about all kinds of things, but what is etched in my memory is the closeness I felt; talking about life and books and school and music made me feel especially close to this teenage girl/young woman. Oh how this grandma loves that girl!

So after she had given me several book reports (she’s a voracious reader!) and talked about how her AP classes were going, the conversation moved to life and how music influences what we think and choose. She took my phone and quick as a wink pulled up iTunes and found OneRepublic’s song. Based on her enthusiasm and the promo sample of the song, I bought it and the video. I played it on a music loop so long I can ‘hear’ the entire song in my head.

This song was, for me, wildly successful in getting the message across.  I Lived is about choosing to live life to the fullest in spite of the circumstances.  That means that ‘living to the fullest’ will be one thing for me and something else for you.

My Adventure?

One adventure I want to schedule, Lord willing, is a hot air balloon ride.  But lately there have been other things on my heart. Can I possibly ride the air currents high enough so I don’t see what’s going on?  Hungry families, homeless people, those who need clean water and daily bread, victims of human trafficking who need a way out, children and families in far away places who just need some help getting educated and staying together as a family. The list goes on and on. Being devoted to Jesus means I also care about people. That means loving people sacrificially, the way that Jesus loves each of us.

So the money for the balloon ride will be saved and then given to the local homeless shelter. And then saved again and given to a group who help those to escape human trafficking. And saved again and sent to help support the families of those who have been murdered for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Real Life

Now do you want to know what it means to REALLY live? It means giving your one and only life to Jesus, asking Him to forgive your sin. He is the only One who can give you the peace you so desperately seek. Then, obey what He says: “Follow me”.  Following Jesus  will be challenging, exhausting, full of people, great joy, contentment, peace. There will also be difficulties and trials and tears. It’s part of life. But the relationship and time spent in prayer will become more and more precious. Those who have followed Jesus have been transformed. Won’t you let Him transform you, too?

Music You Need To Hear and the Lyrics You Need To Read

I want to look back on my life and echo OneRepublic’s assessment: I Lived.  So here’s I Lived by OneRepublic. Enjoy.

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