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Right Here Under The Wire

I have about six minutes to post something on my blog.  I signed up for the 30 day blog challenge because I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Then I had to go to a meeting of writers, cook dinner, run an errand, create a FB group, and carve out some time to talk to Jerry.

Tomorrow I will write at least 2 blog posts and try to stay ahead of the writing deadlines. Identify 5 blog topics/titles:

  1. Music to my ears.  Will focus on a song I’ve come to love with a review and hopefully a performance of it linked to YouTube.
  2. Thanksgiving memories
  3. My Christmas letter, all 26 verses of it
  4. Skiing in the Wilds of the Rockies with a flaming Rookie
  5. Taking on the mountain

It’s time to post

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