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The Power of Music

I wish I could sing beautifully.  Or play an instrument with passion and  confidence.  But wishing doesn’t make it so.  I do love music and since I can’t sing or play, I listen. (Okay, I sing loud and long while I’m driving and no one else can hear, I confess.) On the way home from work I heard a song that spoke directly to me. Expressed my longings in such a unique and powerful way. The Sidewalk Prophets’ song Keep Making Me.  It’s my new favorite song, which means I will put it on a loop and play it over and over and over. Our brokenness, our emptiness, our loneliness have purpose.  The song powerfully points out that all these things are avenues to deep and abiding relationship with God.

Being broken:  hurts, it’s painful, it positions me to be healed and to share

Being empty:  scary,  it feels all hollowed out, it positions me to be filled by Him

Being lonely:  depressing, feels friendless, alone and isolated. Gives me the opportunity to run to the One who can engage me in genuine, intimate fellowship.

I’m so grateful for music. For the messages sent in song. For the melodies cemented in my mind. Hoping you’ll go find the song and listen to it with your heart wide open.

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